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Looking for an edge with your client on a current or future project?

What is PS+Lars

We like to think of ourselves as an ideas laboratory providing solutions via our small army of experts and digital platforms. Our teams goal is to empower other business professionals that have a tenacity for greatness, and provide them the resources to succeed without failure at what they do best. Our team of professionals is built on integrity and passion.

If you need specifics, we provide atypical solutions to Contact Centers that they haven’t had the opportunity to experience before. PS+Lars management experts have more than 100+ years of combined worldwide industry experience, accolades and fame, spanning across borders and continents our crackshot team has unparalleled expertise in what they do, and our collaboration is the future of your success.

We first prioritize lowering your bottom line then in maximizing your revenue.

Join us for a new peace of mind in a world of volatility.

Let our product solutions be your playbook to achieve greater results by revenue and response.

What sets us apart?

Not discounting daily synchronicities from the universe, our commitment to excellence and our team… but It just so happens that we do this by using cutting edge technology developed by us or the assembled team of experts standing with us shoulder to shoulder. We have staff with a daily goal to document, produce and release products developed by our team into the markets.

Technical Support

Leave the Information Technology up to us. We have a $125 per month technical support package. Fill out our survey and start saving today.

Our story is one rooted in an unwavering commitment to the people who work for our company, who in turn have a sincere focus on providing customers with superior solutions that help their businesses develop.

Vicidial and Minutes

Lowering your bottom line is simple.. First you must understand value. Do you value your time? Do you value the currency that comes in your center? Do your current rates not meet what you deserve? Well if you said yes, talk with us!

First for new centers we have bundled Vicidial and Minutes for .01 per minute for USA.

For growing centers we have micro purchasing rates @ .008 per minute and bulk purchasing @ .006

If you rates are lower then this show us your invoice and we will be it by 15% with a usage commitment. Skype us anytime.

Webphone for Vicidial and GoAutoDial

With a direct target of saving your sanity and time we recommend our webphone. Its comes standard on all our installations but it also can be installed on any version of Vicidial or GoAutodial. This simple tool will almost eliminate your need for tech support allowing logins via just a web browser.

– Use our installations its FREE
– Javascript Version $100 Install – No support
– Gateway Version $20/M under 40 users $40 over 40

* Our gateway version leaves your dialer IP completely blocked for hackers, increasing security and ability from being blasted.


Quickly and dramatically improve your daily experiance with a detailed output of all the graphs and data you want from not just the dialer but from CRM, TIME TRACKING, YOU NAME IT. For us the simple goautodial dashboards  were a great resource but we have taken it thema step futher and allow you to choose whats important to you on a wall dashboard.

Ask for a strategy session we charge a small design fee and $25 dollars per month to host your custom dashabords. That can be redeveloped or improved upon request.

Start mesuraing results today.


If you are 15 or less or 50 or more the process you need is much differnt. If you need custom forms in your process.. We are here to help you monitize!!

Beginner Level – Google forms are great for you! Create the form and add the link in the webform field, then change the call launch dropdown to webform. $50-$100 Example

Advanced Team – Use custom forms inside ViciDial or lime Survey with a web hook. Example

Expert Level – Enterprise Resource Planning http://erplars.com integrate anything you can imagine and everything you can’t with ease. Ever brought a tank to a knife fight? Choosing any of these makes that possible.

Webhooks Development

With a simple webhook you can connect Vicidial with almost anything. We can automate calander requests, to your clients pocket. We can send out quotes and emails. We can tell when your naughty and nice. All jokes aside if you have a question skype our tech support team to request a strategy session. This tool alone can make you thousands more per day.

Webhooks Micro Service Hosting

Out of our own nessasity to save money we developed our own microservice hosting, with a team of 15 and recording events after each call you costs with zapier might be be $200 per month. These costs are unacceptable so talk with us. We can deliver the same great service for 50% or more less then zapier. Let us hook you in with our pricing 😉


Are you are looking for more? Become a customer! We will provide you with all the tools we use internally and more with the simple exchange of questions for $ dollars.  And something even more important – our commitment to stay with you until the job is done is priority 1. We don’t hang up our hat until you say it’s quittin’ time.